Rules and Regulations


The current rules and regulations took effect on April 19, 2011. A complete set of the rules and regulations in pdf format can be downloaded here.

All residents and guests are responsible for knowing and following the rules and regulations of the Association.

Landlords are responsible for ensuring that their tenants receive a copy of the rules and regulations. Additionally, landlords are responsible for any rule violations by their tenants.

All residents are required to register annually with the management company. The required form can be downloaded here. Owners are responsible for providing this information for their tenants annually, or any time there is a change in residents


Any resident may initiate a complaint about a suspected rule violation by another resident. All complaints must be documented as to place, time and circumstances of the violation. Complaints may be anonymous; however, the board has limited enforcement capabilities for anonymous complaints that cannot be verified. Complaints may be emailed, mailed via US Mail, or phoned to the management company.

Especially for noise complaints, residents should document date, time and nature of the complaint as well as the effect of the noise on the resident. Between the hours of 6pm and 6am, residents should always contact the community patrol, Private Security at 800-290-9771.  You should leave your name and contact information as well as a request for an officer to respond to your call. Additionally, residents should contact the San Diego Police Department at 858-484-3154.

The Board recently adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ policy toward noise, especially party noise. This is consistent with the City of San Diego’s noise abatement program. Fines have been increased significantly and there is no ‘it won’t happen again’ defense.


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