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The following information is provided to homeowners to help them obtain information about city and county services.  The Board is not responsible for the content of these sites.

City of San Diego, Environmental Services:
This site provides complete information on trash containers and pickup which is the responsibility of individual residents and not the HOA.  Additionally this site offers information on disposal of large items as well as household hazardous waste.

UCSD Transportation and Parking Services:,1162,15352,00.html
This UCSD sponsored site provides information about the UCSD shuttle service which operates within our community.  One of the shuttle stops is at the corner of Regents Rd. and Arriba St.

Summit Security:
Our Community is patrolled 365 days per year from 6pm to 6am by a private security firm, San Diego Patrol.  They may be reached at 619-294-3200.  Typical calls would be for noise complaints, swimming pool violations, but may include other types of issues.  Residents should always call 911 for life-threatening emergencies or serious criminal activity.

San Diego Police Department:
Earlier this year, the City of San Diego implemented a noise citation program for parties.  For any party where noise can be heard more than 50 Feet from the residence, both tenants and landlords can be fined up to $1000 each.  Citations can now be issued on the spot.  The number for reporting loud party noise is 858-484-3154.

University Community Planning Group:
This link is to the City of San Diego sponsored Community Planning Group.  This group works closely with City of San Diego Planners on development affecting the surrounding community.

Western Towing:  
Phone: (619) 297-8697

The Association has contracted with Western Towing to tow illegally parked vehicles from the property.  Homeowners may contact Western Towing to have an illegally parked vehicle removed from their deeded parking space.  The service is available 24/7/365.  You may contact Western Towing at 619-297-8697.  You will need to identify yourself as a Playmor Terrace West owner and will be required to show identification to have a vehicle towed from your parking space.



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